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This is Maggie, our first tiny house built of salvage. The day she moved off the job site to go live in Houston, I was unprepared for the wave of sadness that I felt seeing our first creation going away. Maggie represented a lot. She was the belief that one woman had in me to design a badass tiny house and get it built. She was the foundation of our business. She was the proof that all the years of hours of studying architecture, design and art, and filling pads of graph paper with floor-plans and ideas, were worth it. She was where I plopped my tent when she was just a deck, and then as the walls grew, providing me shelter when I had no other home. It was terrifying seeing her wobbling down the road, hoping she’d arrive unscathed and knowing she wouldn’t be a part of my daily life anymore. Love you, Mags, and Chicha your Godmother. You will always hold special places in my heart. 💕

Michelle AshleyMaggie