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Castles In the Sky

Havenwald Tiny Tudor Castle rendering

Havenwald Tiny Tudor Castle rendering

So, WE’RE BUILDING A CASTLE!!! I’m so excited! I’ve wanted to build a castle for a loooong time. This is just the initial rendering, and I can’t wait to see it take shape. We’re collecting pieces to be included, like windows and hardware and furniture. Yep, you kinda have to know early on what furniture will be included, so it fits between windows, door placement, appliances and stairs. I even plan areas for the laundry, broom, mop and trash baskets, as those are things most people want to have hidden away. The Castle “keep” is an ideal shape for the roof over a loft, capturing maximum height in the bedroom. We’ll have more pics of the Steampunk house soon. It’s just at the house wrap stage, and not as fun for photos. This is a little taste of the future here at Havenwald!

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