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Stained Glass Eye Candy

Vibrant hues are mellowed by earth toned field diamonds.

Vibrant hues are mellowed by earth toned field diamonds.

This one is very old, dating back to the 1800s. Perhaps it was part of a church or maybe even a castle! I love imagining where our architectural salvage hails from, and the life it’s witnessed. If these windows could talk!


We get the question, “where do you find allcthis cool stuff?” quite often. My answer is always the same—“anywhere we can!”

This window I found on Etsy. And it was WAY underpriced! Here’s why I believe it was; the seller put in her listing that she couldn’t insure it to ship. Most people don’t want to have antique glass shipped without being reasonably certain it will arrive unscathed. Or that they can be reimbursed if it does.  


I offered to handle the shipping, and so was able to get this window for about 1/5th of what it’s worth.  

Condition also really factors into the price. There is a break in the lead came, as well as one pane of glass. And there’s no frame around it. All of these things combined translate to a good deal for us, because I know we can fix all of that! And, that also adds to our labor costs, which is one reason I had to buy it right.  

And those are just the conditions that are known. When you’re shopping online for architectural salvage, you also have to allow an additional price buffer because you never know the exact condition of a piece until you get it in your hands. 

A big part of whether or not something is a good deal is knowing how you intend to use it. To someone who would use this window as a decor piece to hang on a wall, it’s not crucial that all the lead and putty are intact. Because we intend to use this window as an actual window, these things matter because the window can leak if the putty isn’t in place, or just be unfit to open if the lead around each pane is unstable. All those things can can be fixed too, but will again add more to our labor costs, so have to be factored in.  

I also factor in what the other materials in one of our cottages have cost. If I’ve gotten a really killer deal on most of the components, I may be more willing to spend a bit more to get that one, particular window or unique door knob or amazing chandelier that I know will really be a stunner.

And we are hunting for those great architectural pieces everywhere we go! I find treasure online, on Craigslist, at auctions, through our network of “pickers,” at Goodwill, at antique stores and flea markets. It’s everywhere and finding it is half the fun!

We invest a bit more on the front end, and then have an amazing, rare antique element that will bring delight to all who see it for decades to come!  


Michelle Ashley